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EC approval number: DE-NI 11075-EG

This EC approval number guarantees the hygienic and processing quality of our products.

The health mark ...

... is the official term for an EU-wide symbol that is stamped onto officially inspected carcasses.

The company number it contains was termed veterinary approval number up to the end of 2005. Since 1 January 2006, this number has been termed approval number. Also since 1 January 2006, the term identity mark has been added alongside the health mark.

Food companies apply the identity mark to other animal products and/or their packaging.

Sometimes, the term health mark is wrongly used for the identity mark on packaging. 


In Germany,

health and identity marks are granted by the responsible federal state approval authorities after inspection to verify that requirements are met (approval according to EU hygiene law).

The mark indicates that the company which last handled or packed the product works according to EU hygiene standards and is correspondingly monitored.

It is displayed on the packaging of all foods of animal origin (dairy, meat, fish, mollusc and egg products) and is mandatory throughout the EU according to EC Directive No. 853/2004[1][2].

The mark often indicates "bottled by:", "packed by:" or "best before:". Exempted from the marking obligation are exclusively animal products produced or processed in retail companies (e.g. butcher's, supermarkets, catering, canteens), and only such companies are exempt from the approval obligation.

Another exception from the marking obligation is for fresh eggs which are marked according to market law.

This marking ...

... is not primarily intended for the final consumer but for the monitoring authorities and trade partners. The marking makes it possible to trace the production company, but not the origin of the raw ingredients. This is only possible when a geographical origin mark is used. For instance, "Irish butter" must be produced in Ireland, even if it is finally packaged in Germany.

The German General Administrative Directive on Food Hygiene (AVV LmH) of 12 September 2007 newly and uniformly regulated the approval number in Germany for all the various types of companies.

It consists of an abbreviation for the federal state and a 5-digit number, e.g. "BW 12345“. For the main marking, this approval number is preceded by the abbreviation for the member country (first line) and followed by the country-specific abbreviation for European Community (EG) (third line). These three lines are framed in an oval.

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