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Our natural casing products

We supply:

  • Raw products
    For example, hog casings (raw materials "without whiskers", or our long German raw products)
  • Calibres (special types)
    Product packaging types (less ends per hank; various shapes of tubed (shirred) products etc.
  • Casings cut to length
    for e.g.: Fatends, chitterlings, beef middles, beef rounds etc.




The various types of natural casings are suitable for different application fields in the meat product industry.

Simply click on one of the photos to find detailed information on calibres and possible uses of the different natural cases.

We supply all common natural casing products from: pigs, sheep and cattle.

"We make every effort to meet your specific requirements. As a result, we have succeeded in gaining ever more satisfied customers over the years - in industry, retailing or butcher's shops. That is the basis for our continuous growth."

Managing Director Clemens Vaske



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